windreiter iluminiertWind rider, also illuminated

On metre-high stilts the wings of the wind riders float away above the heads of the amazed audience. Two or three antique double-deckers perform rotations and turns, run synchronically or as a relay ...


windreiter illuminiert 1By their span (up to 4 metres) and height (up to 3.50 metres) this is a walking act which will not be overseen. Standing Ovations are guaranteed. Ideal for events on the subject Aviation or Airport.


This walkabout act can be booked illuminated and/or not illuminated.

Bookable as a duo or trio. Up to 4 x 25 minutes within 4-5 hours, for evening events max. 3 x 25 minutes within 3 hours.


Windreiter2b 1200x800 


Watch in addition the demo video: