stelzen walkact autoThe Stilt-Car

A vintage cabriolet high-waisted! A great focus point for all events, especially those which are car themed, like Formula 1 races, car launches, fairs, openings and presentations.

Honking and flashing the elegant driver controls the car on stilts charmingly working his way through the crowds, thanks to the newly invented SIM system. SIM stands for "separate in the middle". This special car can separate itself lengthwise and grants unusual views into what's inside the car. Depending on the event, driver and co-driver meanwhile entertain the crowds with gags and gimmicks or act stylish and reserved creating an amazing atmosphere. The stilt car is illuminated and therefore also suitable for night time events.stelzen auto 6

The car can also be branded by applying branded stickers on the car or on flags if desired. It is also possible for the driver and co-driver to distribute giveaways to the guests.

Available for 3 x 25 minutes sets within a 4 hour period or 4 x 20 minutes sets within 4-5 hours with 2 actors.

The stilt cabriolet is worldwide unique and patented by copyright.


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See our demo video: