Björn de Vil stilt theatre

The actors of the Björn de Vil – stilt theatre always love to perform - and this is relized by the spectators. Besides, the Björn de Vil stilt theatre consists of  actors who come from the most different genres, from actors through acrobats and musicians up to slackliners which have by far the best balance.

All of them love to inspire the dwarfs to her feet. Over and over again they create impro-theatrelike miniature scenes which entertains the spectators as well as the stilt actors.

At the moment are present as actors:

Michael Spangenberg, Lars Krücke, Max Unger. Mitja Boettger-Soller and Simon Dinklage.

Also Constanze Schuster of "Coleur & Co" from Hamburg belongs to the team who realises as a costume builder for many years Björn de Vil's ideas.

A short portrait of Björn de Vil

Björn de Vil performs in spite of having learnt real occupations like bank clerk, certified sports teacher and Waldorfteacher since his 22nd year professionally as a magician and juggler on stages in and beyond Germany.

He founded in 1997 the Traumtänzer-stilt theatre which became in 2011 the Björn de Vil stilt theatre.