The High Rider

A vintage cabriolet high-waisted! A great focus point for all events, especially those which are car themed, like Formula 1 races, car launches, fairs, openings and presentations.

The Party Boys

The tallest meerkat-boygroup of the world is spreading party atmosphere and joy of life

Odd Birds

The tallest cuddly toys on this planet are taking the hearts of the children by storm.

Angels Deluxe, also illuminated

Heavenly beings from other spheres, they delight, enchant and rapture.

Flower Power

Flower Power - two brightly colored flowers and two whimsical insects on stilts, which stroll through their environment.

High Flyer, also illuminated

On metre-high stilts the wings of the wind riders float away above the heads of the amazed audience. Two or three antique double-deckers perform rotations and turns, run synchronically or as a relay ...

Fairies Deluxe, also illuminated

A fairy and an elf on stilts, larger than life and yet still fragile, bring luster and magic to your event.

Mapel and Pumkine

When autumn begins, the time of Mapel and Pumkine starts.

Sea heroes

Our sea heroes dropped anchor: The perfect walkact for harbor festivals, promenade events and sailing events of all kind.

Christmas giant

Our St Nicholas on stiltsor Santa Claus on stilts, winterly decorated with fir-tree green and LED-fairy lights, is a real highlight on all Christmas events.

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