fleuri flora beet trompFleuri, Flora, Tromp and Beet

Fleuri, Flora, Tromp and Beet are two brightly colored flowers and two whimsical insects on stilts, which stroll through their environment. The snout-shaped animal and the jewel beetle orbit the beautiful flowers in an astonishing and taping way in order to get high on the nectar. The big flowers are proud and exalted, while the insects are always joking around with the audience.


 MG 6927c kfleuri tromp stelzen 2 flora beet1Fleuri, Flora, Tromp and Beet - these are flower fragrances and two magic insects on stilts, a Spring or Midsummer Night's Dream as a walk act and THE attention-getter for park festivals, cityevents or any other event where there is a need for green, natural or animallike visual effects. 

Bookable as a duo, trio or quartett. Up to 4 x 25 minutes within 4-5 hours.

As a duo we always come with one flower and one insect (two flowers only against additional charge).

With music accompaniment possible.


 Please watch our Demo-Video: